Wednesday, 6 November 2013

You Are Still a Writer

Sometimes, it can feel like the hardest thing in the world to actually sit down and write.

Sometimes, it feels as if the whole world is conspiring to stop you putting pen to paper.

And this can be a real pain in the butt!

Last week, I was coaching a writer.

One of her main frustrations was having to juggle so many things that she felt as if her writing was being forced on to the back-burner.

I could relate straight away - and I bet so many of you can too.

If you need to earn a living, go to school or college, or bring up a family it can be exhausting trying to write as well. 

And so sometimes, you give up trying.

But if writing is your passion, not being able to write can feel like a part of you - a vital part - is withering away.

And this makes you feel crotchety


on edge.

But all is not lost.

For those times in your life where you are genuinely too busy or too tired to write, remember this:

You are still a writer.

You still have thinking time.

You can still be plotting and planning in your head.

You can still be growing characters in your imagination.

You can still be jotting ideas down in a notebook.

You can still be allowing a story or poem to percolate.

You can still be using your life experiences as inspiration.

You can still call yourself a writer 

Because writing is in your blood.

You are still a writer.


  1. I remember you saying in one of the old groups that you spent 1 hour each evening to write 'Dear Dylan' fitting this in with the rest of a busy schedule. I thought this was a good practical approach-Johnny Memes

    1. oh yes, that's right! I think writers can learn a lot from The Hare and the Tortoise - or more specifically, the tortoise. Sometimes we just have to creep along slowly, but eventually even an entire novel can get written :)