In my Dare to Write Workshops, I help people identify and release their fears, blast through their blocks and write freely.

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Whether you want to write for self-expression, creative expression, business or sheer pleasure, the Dare to Write Workshop will help you. Scroll down for details of upcoming workshops . . .


Motivation, inspiration, busting through blocks, feedback on your work, help and guidance with your writing goals and expert advice on getting published. Find out more here. . .


I'm thrilled to have been asked to run a Dare to Write Workshop for Hillingdon Artsweek.

WHEN: Sunday 1st June, 2.00 - 5.00pm
WHERE: Ickenham Hall, The Compass Theatre, Ickenham


‘Siobhan has proved herself an excellent workshop leader and has built a strong and productive workshop with her own unique blend of professionalism, enthusiasm and warmth.’ Dale Arndell, Arts Development Officer, London Borough of Harrow

‘I have known Siobhan for ten years in her capacity as a creative writing workshop leader and during that time I have come to realise that she is a person with an immense natural ability to see straight to the heart of whatever problems she is presented with. Time and again I have seen her help faltering writers gain clarity and confidence and thus move successfully towards their creative goals. Siobhan is an excellent and sympathetic listener, but also highly practical and these gifts, combined with her understanding of writing and artistic expression give her a unique approach to problem solving I have found profoundly valuable.’ Charlotte Baldwin, Arts Officer, London Borough of Hillingdon 

'Siobhan is a natural when it comes to teaching. She always manages to be encouraging and bring out the best in her writers no matter what their level of ability. My writing has come on in leaps and bounds since attending her workshop.' Phil Lawder, author of poetry anthology, Edges

‘Siobhan is a caring, intuitive and professional writing coach.  She has helped me reach the stage where I am poised to submit to publishers.  I never would have got this far without her special gifts. I would certainly recommend aspiring writers to seek out Siobhan to find an endless source of inspirational guidance.’ Patricia Jacobs

Workshop at Bath Lit Fest

"Although a beginner to creative writing, I didn't feel intimidated."

"Siobhan has a wonderful talent for putting you at ease while daring you to take a chance and dive into the imagination."

"I had a wonderful time . . . feeling very inspired."

"A really good, friendly atmosphere, lots of useful tips too!"

"Fab workshop . . . very inspired by your ideas."

"I was delighted with the workshop. It was really good and such nice folk came!"

"Great group - looking forward to coming again."

"Brilliant tips on how to beat writer's block. Siobhan is very experienced at helping you tap into your creativity and her sessions are fun too."


I have been running workshops for schools, libraries and youth groups since 2005 and I love it! In fact, it was my work with young people that made me start writing for children and young adults. Over the years, I've run workshops for young people on just about every possible theme or subject, from Creating Your Own Viking Character to Poetry Workshops on Bullying

'Siobhan has worked in our school, leading workshops with Year 7 and Year 8 students. Following independent study to create their own stories, Siobhan then helped them through the editing and refining process. Once they were satisfied with their achievements, Siobhan helped the students to rehearse reading their stories aloud. A performance of readings then took place at our local library, and was much enjoyed by students, parents and the wider community. Our Director of English and Drama found Siobhan to be very supportive and encouraging, and the students clearly benefited from the experience. They enjoyed the whole process and produced some very impressive writing.’ Penny Maas, Director of Community and Partnership Learning, Ruislip High School

I am more than happy to create bespoke workshops that meet your curriculum or organisation's needs, so please feel free to get in touch:


Keep checking this page for upcoming venues and dates, and if you would like me to run a workshop for your organisation, I would love to hear from you. 

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